Beyond Admin
Multi-Platform WebApp + Front-End

There is a Designer
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BeyondAdmin is one the most successful Bootstrap admin templates in the market. With more than 2K happy customers, BeyondAdmin is available in 5 different versions: MVC version, AngularJS version, Web Forms Version, HTML version and also different Landign Pages. There are hundreds of applications built with this WebApp template in various platforms.

BeyondAdmin will get routine updates and also other versions are coming. ReactJs App will be the nearest version to be released.

Get all current and future versions and updates just with buying one license.

Multi-Platform Web App

BeyondAdmin is available in several versions: MVC version, AngularJS version, Asp.Net Web Forms Version, Html version, Front-End and other versions are already under development.

Other versions are coming:
ReactJS is the next version.

Do you have any other version in mind?
Please Let Us Know. Send us an Email!

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Microsoft Health

Powerful MVC Version

HTML Helpers for all Inputs
HTML Helpers for Forms
HTML Helpers for Bootstrap Elements
HTML Helpers for BeyondAdmin Elements
User Management with Asp.Net Identity
Layout Pages with all common references and needed elements
Resource Bundling for all CSS & JS
MVC Sitemap Navigation for SideBar and BreadCrumbs

AngularJS Version

AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary of your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop.
BeyondAdmin AngularJs version contains directives and controllers for almost every components of template. Also you can find layout pages, lazy loading and routing configurations.

When needed, html components are replaced or completed with suitable angularJs directives or modules. also other needed angular modules such as ngGrid added to this version.
Start your next AngularJs Project right from here.

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Colorful Design

Carefully picked and integrated, each color theme gives a unique style throughout the template. All items change based on skins even Chars, Graphs and Drawings.

Right to Left

With Persian and Arabic Layouts, BeyondAdmin includes Right to Left implementation of all components, plugins and pages.

Flexible Databoxes

Extendable components for visualizing and showcasing your data
With nore than 50 predefined boxes and widgets

Crafted With Care

Carefully Implemented in HTML5 & CSS3 with latest technologies and trends.
Accurately Styled Elements and Pages
Fully Responsive & Interactive